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Here is a TV interview about origami by Channel 8 Morning Express. Thanks to the crew for this nicely done video.
《晨光第一线》之玩物壮志– 折纸发烧友 Morning Express news
折纸教程第一弹——“圣诞老人” Demo Santa On Sledge
折纸教程第二弹——“圣诞雪花” Demo Snowflake

Origami – From Traditional to Modern has ended 30th Nov 2013, with all the fun at the 3 public libraries.  Thanks to all who came here to participate, NLB staff and  all volunteers that helped  to make the exhibition a success.

Interesting information on about Origami

Brief history of origami
Types of origami


my designs
folding others’ designs

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Animation on origami

Folding a crane


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