Bahamut:  Diagrams from 5th Tanteidan Convention Book

Moose: Diagrams from 6th Tanteidan Convention Book

Unicorn, Angel with lute: Diagrams from 7th Tanteidan Convention Book

Stegosaurus, Pegasus: Diagrams from  Origami Fantasy (Fumiaki Kawahata)

The Last Waltz, Organist: Diagrams OUSA Convention

Ancient Dragon: No diagrams only crease pattern from one of the Tanteidan regular magazine. Can be found in Satoshi’s homepage:     http//www.asahi-net.or.jp-~qr7s-kmy-index.html

Sea urchin, Murex: Diagrams from Origami Sealife (Robert J.Lang)

FIT: Diagrams from Tom Hull’s homepage

Ground Beetle, Rose, Sea snail shell: Diagrams from Origami for Connoisseur

Gondola: Diagrams from Teach Yourself Origami (Robert Harbin)

Hercules Beetle & Long-necked Beetle: Diagrams from
Origami Insects & Their Kins (Robert J. Lang)

Triceratops Skeleton: Diagrams from Super Complex Origami (Issei Yoshino)

Book, Double Flexicube: Diagrams from Brilliant Origami (David Brill)

Rose Brooch: Diagrams from The New Origami

Indian paddling the canoe: Diagrams from Origami in Action (Robert J. Lang)

Pony: Diagrams from Secrets of Origami (Robert Harbin)

Yoda: Diagrams from Asociacion Espanola De papiroflexia

Fluffy: Diagrams from Tanteidan Convention Book