Some gaming related stuff that i have done


Game Programming

Fireflies– A group project game ‘Fireflies’ done in Ogre3D for SDip course offered by Nanyang Polytechnic.

Misc samples – Simple game programming demo done in DirectX and Ogre3D Engine.

Castlevania – An attempt to remake this 2D classic action game using XNA

CastlevaniaAnimation – Basic animation sequence improved, without the character shifting around between frames .

CastlevaniaCollisionDectection – Attacking and collision detection with enemy

CastlevaniaBackgroundScrolling – Clip with background scroll when player move

CastlevaniaBloodInfoDisplay – Update player blood remaining and lost when collision (sprites of Konami from

Quest for Golden Fish & game document – A simple FPS with 2 game levels done using 3D Game Studio engine.

3D related

3D stuffs – Demo showing some simple works in 3ds max and Maya